Using this application, you can manage your contacts: add, change, remove, import and export them.

When you open the application, the list of your contacts will be shown.

Contacts main

The number next to All contacts, in brackets, represents the total number of contacts.

If you don’t have any contacts yet, you will be automatically shown the Get contacts menu, from where you can get already existing contacts, by synchronizing, or importing.


New addresses you receive instant messages (IM) from will be automatically added as contacts. Only the IM address/ID will be filled-in, but you can add other information by editing the created contact.

Tapping on a contact will show the details about that contact.


From there you can also edit it, or share data about it.

Below the photo there’s the status (online/busy/offline) of the contact’s IM account:

Contact online Contact offline

Tap on the photo of the contact to quickly Edit it.

Tapping on any contact data field will trigger a corresponding action, depending on the data type:

Tapping on a phone number preceded by a Handset symbol will open the Dialer application.

Contact phone handset

Tapping on a phone number preceded by an envelope will open the Conversations application.

Contact phone envelope

Tapping on an e-mail address will open the E-mail application.

Contact e-mail address


Unexpected behavior: Tapping on an Jabber/XMPP address will not open the Conversations application, but instead will just go back to the Contacts application main screen (contact list).

Contact IM ID

Options per-contact

Tap on the In-app menu of the contact, for more options.

Contact edit

You have the following options:

  1. Edit

  2. Send contact card

  3. Send contact detail

  4. Merge contact

  5. Delete contact

  6. Create shortcut

  7. Authorization request


Editing a contact has the same options as creating a New contact.

Send contact card

This option will allow you sending contact data of a person to someone, in the form of a contact card.

When you pick this option, you are asked about the way of sending the contact card:

Contact card send via

  1. Send via Text message

  2. Send via Bluetooth

  3. Send via E-mail

Send via Text message


Unexpected behavior This should send the contact data through a text message, but it doesn’t seem to work. It does nothing.

Send via Bluetooth


Unexpected behavior This should send the contact data through Bluetooth, but it doesn’t seem to work. It gives an internal error.

Send via E-mail

This will open the E-mail application, to send the contact data through e-mail.

And then you have the choice of also sending the avatar of the contact with the contact card, or not:

Contact send avatar

Send contact detail

This option will allow you sending just one contact detail (phone number, e-mail address, etc.) to someone.

Pick the detail (name, phone number, e-mail address, XMPP/Jabber ID, etc.) that you want to send:

Contact detail send

You are then asked about the way of sending the contact detail:

Contact detail send via

  1. Send via Text message

  2. Send via Bluetooth

  3. Send via E-mail

Merge contact

This allows you to merge more contacts into a single one.

In case of differences or conflicts between unique field types, such as name or surname, you will be asked to choose which data will be saved in the final merged contact file. Here, in case of a last name conflict:

Contact merge conflict

Tap on the Last name field and select the chosen version:

Contact merge conflict name

Different IDs or phone numbers will simply be added as supplementary contact data fields to the resulting merged contact file. In this case, a second phone number for calling or sending SMS is added:

Contact merged

Delete contact

This will delete the current contact, including the XMPP/Jabber IDs associated to it.

Contact delete confirm

Confirm deleting the contact by tapping on Yes.

Create shortcut

This will create a shortcut of the contact on the main screen / desktop.

Contact main screen shortcut

It shows the account’s picture, and below, the status (online/busy/offline) of the contact’s IM account, and the contact’s first name.

Authorization request

This will request from the contact the authorization to receive presence and status updates. It will have to be confirmed in the remote client application by the contact.

Options in the in-app menu

Other general options are available in the In-app menu of the Contacts application.

Contacts in app menu

Available options:

  1. Sort by ABC/Availability/Recent

  2. New contact

  3. Get contacts

  4. My information

  5. Settings

  6. Delete contacts

  7. Export

  8. Groups

The following options won’t be available if you have no contacts: Delete contacts, Export, Groups.

Sort by ABC/Availability/Recent

Choosing between the three options available here will change the order of the displayed contacts in the list accordingly.

  1. ABC - Alphabetically

  2. Availability

  3. Recent

New contact

Here you can create a new contact entry.

Contact new

You have the following options available for each contact:

  1. Avatar image

  2. Cell button

  3. E-mail button

  4. Add field

  5. Delete fields

You have two fixed fields, First name and Last name. The default optional fields are Cell and E-mail. You can change them by tapping the button in front of them, add other fields, by using the Add field button, or delete them, by using the Delete fields button.

Avatar image

Here you can select an image as the contact’s avatar.

Contact select image

Tapping on browse allows you to select a picture from the device’s storage, to use as avatar.

Contact select image file

Cell button

Here, instead of the default optional field Cell, you can select another type of phone number as that field’s name/description:

Contact phone 1

The list is long, so it goes on yet another screen:

Contact phone 2

E-mail button

Here, instead of the default optional field E-mail, you can select another type of e-mail address as that field’s name/description:

Contact e-mail

Add field

Here you can add other different fields to the contact such as messaging, birthday or job information:

  1. AIM

  2. Gadu-Gadu

  3. GroupWise

  4. ICQ

  5. Jabber

    Contact new field 1


  7. Sametime

  8. Zephyr

  9. Birthday

  10. Address

    Contact new field 2

  11. Address (home)

  12. Address (work)

  13. Web page

  14. Gender

    Contact new field 3

  15. Nickname

  16. Job title

  17. Company

  18. Note

    Contact new field 4

After adding more fields, the contact entry will look something like this:

Contact added fields

Delete fields

Using this option you can delete one or more of the optional fields (other than the First name or the Last name).

Select the fields you want to delete:

Contact delete fields

You will be asked to confirm. Tap on Yes if you really want to delete those fields, or tap on No if it was a mistake, or if you changed your mind (It happens, we know, don’t worry).

Contact delete fields confirm

A completed new contact typically looks like this:

Contact new done

You can now tap on Save.

Get contacts

Besides creating new contact entries, you have also the possibility of getting (importing) existing contact records.

Contacts get

You have the following ways of getting contact records:

  1. Synchronize from other device

  2. Import contacts from new account

  3. Import contacts

Synchronize from other device


Leftovers This option is not working, so probably it’s some leftover from older versions of the OS.

Import contacts from new account

This points you to VoIP and IM accounts, where you can add a new account, by tapping on New.

The already known contacts of the newly configured IM account(s) will be added to contacts.

Import contacts

Using this option you can import contacts from files in the filesystem.

Contacts import

  1. Import contacts file

  2. Import contacts folder

Import contacts file

This way you can import the contacts contained in one file:

Contacts import files

Navigate through the filesystem until you reach the desired file.

Import contacts folder

This way you can import contacts from all files in a folder:

Contacts import folder

Navigate through the filesystem until you reach the desired folder.

My information

If you didn’t already add information about yourself, you will be shown a form for you to complete this data.

Contact my information add

If you go back, pressing outside the menu, you will be shown the default information about yourself.

Otherwise, if you already added information about yourself, you will be shown that data on the following page.

Contact my information

Afterwards you will be shown straight this page. To further edit your data, you will have to pick Edit from the In-app menu.

There, in the In-app menu there are also other options.

Contact my edit

The options are the following:

  1. Edit

  2. Accounts

  3. E-mail

  4. Send contact card

  5. Send contact detail


This takes you to the VoIP and IM accounts menu in Settings


This takes you to the E-mail application.


This allows you to configure the Contacts application.

Contacts settings

You have the following options:

  1. Display names

  2. Display video calling option

  3. Display SMS only for Cell numbers

  4. Delete all contacts from device

  5. Voicemail number

Display names

This configures how the names will be displayed in the contacts list:

Contacts settings display name

  • First name Last name - Example: My Friend

  • Last name, First name - Example: Friend, My

  • Last name First name - Example: Friend My

  • Nickname - Example: myfri3nd

Display video calling option


Untested - This should enable showing a video calling option for the numbers or accounts which support this.

Display SMS only for Cell numbers


Unexpected behavior This should show the SMS sending option only for the phone numbers in a Cell type field. but instead it shows no option (no calling either). This way, some phone numbers might be hidden or appear as missing, unless entering the Edit mode.

Delete all contacts from device


This will delete all contacts from the device.

Contacts delete all

As mentioned, the contacts associated to the IM accounts won’t be also deleted from the IM server.

Voicemail number

Here you can set the phone number which allows you to access the voicemail, in case your mobile phone service provides it.

Contacts voicemail number

The previously saved numbers are available as options to pick, besides writing a new one. The name of the provider you were connected to when saving it is mentioned next to each number.

Delete contacts

This allows you to delete contacts.

Contacts delete select

Select the contacts you want to delete. A white check mark will appear next to the each contact you select.

Then tap on Delete.

Contact delete confirm

You will have to confirm.

As mentioned, deleting the contact which includes an Jabber/XMPP ID will also remove it from the Jabber/XMPP contacts.



Unexpected behavior When selecting this, the contacts application gives an internal error and crashes.


This shows groups which were established based on XMPP/Jabber accounts.

Contacts groups

Selecting a group will show the contacts related to this XMPP/Jabber account.

While viewing this list, you have the following options in the In-app menu:

Contacts groups menu